Oracle Specialist Eagle Creek Receives Business of the Year Award by ValleyCity Area Chamber of Commerce

Eagle Creek Software Services, a consulting and technical services company specializing in Oracle CRM, business intelligence and enterprise software development, has been named the Valley City Area Chamber of Commerce’s “2012 Business of the Year.”

Organizations considered for the award must have a minimum of 3 years in business, showcase growth in its employee base and an increase in business activity, provide innovative products or services and positive employee relations, contribute to community projects or events and serve as an active member of the Valley City Area Chamber of Commerce. Eagle Creek has undergone significant growth since it was founded in 1999, including its hiring of more than 300 employees to work at the company’s project centers located in North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota; its CRM, BI and enterprise software consulting and technical services; additional international and domestic customers; its involvement in the local community and participation in numerous social and sports activities throughout the year.

“Eagle Creek’s success is a direct result of our diversification of CRM, BI, Java and custom software support and our reputation for delivering high quality consulting and technical expertise,” according to Ken Behrendt, president of Eagle Creek. “We focus not only on serving our national and international customers, but also our local community.”

Founded in 1999, Eagle Creek (Eden Prairie, Minn) provides IT consulting and technical expertise to organizations utilizing Oracle CRM, business intelligence and enterprise software development. The company offers cost-effective, high quality software development and support services using its Dakota Model. Eagle Creek has three project centers in low-cost areas within the United States and utilizes a private-public strategic alliance with the state governments of North Dakota and South Dakota to achieve consistency and sustainability in the recruitment, training and development of the company’s 300-plus Dakota-based consultants.

Eagle Creek has recently committed to a $1.5 million project center to support new growth and further increase service levels to clients based on increasing demand.  “Eagle Creek is a valuable partner in our community and North Dakota’s economic growth. Out of the 230 other business candidates considered, there was no other business more deserving of this year’s award than Eagle Creek,” said Stephanie Mayfield, executive vice president of Valley City Area Chamber of Commerce.

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