Oracle Steps Up to Protect Healthcare Customers Against Cyberattacks

Oracle is expanding its commitment to create a safer and more secure healthcare ecosystem by launching the Autonomous Shield initiative to simplify and accelerate Oracle Health EHR migrations to OCI at no additional cost.

In the nearly two years since the Cerner acquisition, Oracle has invested tens of thousands of engineering hours and millions of dollars to enhance its core clinical applications and improve cybersecurity for its customers in the healthcare industry.

“Cyberattacks represent an imminent and existential threat to healthcare worldwide,” said Seema Verma, executive vice president and general manager of Oracle Health and Life Sciences. “Our top priority is helping to keep our customers and their patients safe from the debilitating impacts of cyber-terrorism. With our clinical applications running on OCI, we provide our customers—big and small—with the same military-grade security that is used to protect the most sensitive data at some of the largest and most sophisticated businesses, national defense agencies, and governments around the world.”

The Oracle Autonomous Shield initiative simplifies Oracle Health EHR customer migrations to OCI with a clear and proven methodology that includes:

  • Built-in security best practices
  • Solution architecture development
  • Application migration
  • Access to a team of experts
  • Go-live support

Cloud computing delivers consistent innovation, so customers have the latest product features and the most up-to-date security capabilities. OCI automatically applies fixes to address a constantly changing cyber-terror landscape.

This enables healthcare organizations to rely on Oracle’s real-time threat detection and monitoring, autonomous systems, and team of experts to help keep their networks safe.

In turn, healthcare organizations can focus on what they do best—making people healthier. The constant innovation made possible with cloud computing also enables customers to benefit from breakthrough AI technologies that can make their jobs easier and enhance patient experiences, such as the Oracle Clinical Digital Assistant, according to the company.

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