Oracle Targets Sales Teams with Cloud Offering

The world of buying and selling has changed. Sales are now driven by customer insights and being proactive - not reactive. To address these new dynamics, Oracle Sales Cloud gives sales representatives the opportunity to sell more, know more and drive growth to their company, said Thomas Kurian, executive vice president, product development, Oracle.

According to Kurian, who spoke during a recent webcast, sales teams spend 78% of their time on administrative work with only 22% of their time focused on selling.  “We designed our Sales Cloud software to help our sales team sell more and grow more and we are very proud to announce this today,” Thomas Kurian, executive VP, product development, Oracle.

In addition, said Kurian, the Oracle Social Cloud is a cloud service that helps sales representatives manage and scale their relationship with customers on social media channels. The Social Cloud enables sales representatives to sell more by providing them with an interface that is easy to understand and enables the software to be used anywhere on any device. “This is extremely easy for people to get up and going with out any training. It makes sales reps more productive,” Kurian said.

Oracle now also enables sales teams to work together through the Oracle Social Network. The Oracle Social Network allows sales representatives to collaborate with their own team as well as the entire company using live feeds giving them the ability to close deals faster.

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