Oracle Transportation Management 6.2 and Oracle Global Trade Management 6.2 Help Companies Reduce Costs and Mitigate Risks

Oracle has unveiled new versions of Oracle Transportation Management and Oracle Global Trade Management that provide enhanced fleet management, transportation sourcing, transportation business intelligence, transportation planning, small parcel transportation, rail transportation, dock scheduling, product classification and trade control determination.

The Transportation Management product helps companies manage the movement of physical goods in their supply chain such as local deliveries to end customers, or imports from suppliers overseas, Derek Gittoes, Oracle vice president, Logistics Product Strategy, tells 5 Minute Briefing. It helps them optimize shipments so they can minimize the cost of moving products, make sure they are delivered on time, and provide overall visibility to any of their inventory as it is moving throughout the supply chain. The Global Trade Management product, a relatively new product that was first released a year ago, is designed to help companies manage the regulatory compliance aspects of shipping products internationally, such as compliance with U.S. export controls and required documentation to make sure products are classified for trade compliance purposes. Together, the solutions enable companies to manage their comprehensive trade compliance and transportation requirements, including fleet, on a global basis within one central platform.

From a business point of view, logistics costs as a whole, account for roughly 9% of the gross domestic product in the U.S., says Gittoes, who observes, "Most people don't realize that transportation is that big a deal." And, for the average company, that's also roughly what they spend. Some companies devote 5% or even greater than 10% of their overall spend to moving their goods, he says. As a result, their ability to have systems in place to help reduce or control those costs is very important.

New capabilities within Oracle Transportation Management 6.2 include fleet management enhancements for shipment and asset optimization, dispatch workflow automation, geographic visualization and mobile communications; transportation sourcing enhancements to support the requirements of procuring and optimizing "less-than-truckload" (LTL) transportation services; and transportation planning enhancements to optimize order consolidation and three-dimensional equipment load configuration (e.g., accounting for equipment with multiple compartments, equipment with curved roofs). Additionally, transportation business intelligence enhancements, with embedded support for Oracle Data Integrator, increase the ease with which customers can extend and configure the analytical data model.

Oracle Global Trade Management 6.2 also includes a range of enhancements. Packaged integration with Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1 for sales order and delivery trade compliance screening automates trade compliance as part of an integrated order-to-cash process for international sales; and usability enhancements streamline the resolution of orders on trade compliance hold, improving process efficiency and customer service.

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