Oracle Unveils Enhancements to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and the Oracle Database

Oracle is introducing new capabilities to make it easier to migrate to Oracle CIoud Infrastructure (OCI), secure critical workloads, and distribute content, along with new Oracle database features that help simplify the development of modern data-driven applications, and new expanded machine learning (ML) capabilities in Oracle MySQL HeatWave.

The Oracle Cloud Migrations service provides an end-to-end comprehensive self-service experience for migrating virtual machine (VM)-based workloads from on-premises to OCI. Oracle is now adding support for seamless migration of VMs from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to OCI, significantly reducing the effort and complexity involved. This support lowers the barrier for AWS customers to adopt a multicloud strategy and move to OCI.

The service has no management fee, but the VM conversion process incurs a small resource charge. General availability of AWS VM migration support is planned for May 3.

OCI Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a globally distributed and high-performance content distribution platform with endpoints in 150 countries. OCI customers can now have the traditional CDN benefits of improved end user performance and greater workload scalability and reliability in a fully native experience.

General availability of OCI Content Delivery Network is expected May 31. Pricing starts at 3 cents per GB outbound data transfer plus 90 cents per 1 million requests, and customers are billed through their regular OCI invoice and can apply Universal Credits. Transfering data from OCI Object Storage to the CDN Origin incurs no cost.

Confidential Computing helps protect data. It encrypts data while it’s being processed using AMD Secure Encrypted Virtualization (SEV) or AMD Secure Memory Encryption (SME). This feature is ideal for workloads that need extra security and is now available for OCI Compute shapes with AMD, including E4 Flex, E4 Bare Metal Standard, E3 Bare Metal Standard, and E4 Bare Metal DenseIO.

Confidential Computing is now available in select regions and has no extra cost.

Oracle Database 23c Free—Developer Release gives developers free access to innovative Oracle Database app and dev features, such as JSON Relational Duality, SQL support for Graph queries directly on OLTP data, JavaScript Stored Procedures, and more.

It provides native support for all modern data types, analytics, and the latest development paradigms, all built into one product.

Oracle Database 23c Free—Developer Release is available for download as a Docker image, VirtualBox VM, or Linux RPM installation file, without requiring a user account or login. A Windows version is planned to follow shortly.

New MySQL HeatWave capabilities for machine learning and multi-cloud provide more ML use cases for MySQL HeatWave AutoML, such as multivariate time series forecasting, unsupervised anomaly detection, and recommender systems, while a new interactive AutoML console enables business analysts build, train, run, and explain ML models and explore “what if” scenarios using a visual interface—without using SQL commands or any coding.

Enhancements in MySQL HeatWave on AWS include a new scale-out data management layer that improves data availability and speeds up error recovery and MySQL Autopilot auto shape prediction in the console. MySQL HeatWave on OCI now offers a smaller, 32-GB entry-level shape and improved price-performance for larger workloads.

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