Oracle Unveils Enhancements to its Business Process Management Suite

Oracle has introduced a major new release of its Business Process Management Suite.  Oracle Business Process Management Suite 11g provides updates to Business Process Composer, support for Adaptive Case Management, and an expanded list of Oracle Process Accelerators. The new capabilities provide business users with greater control over the design, analysis, execution and monitoring of business processes in order to help enhance organizational efficiency.

The first major theme of the new release is taking the business empowerment features of the suite to an "unprecedented height," Manoj Das, vice president, product marketing at Oracle, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Supporting this goal, the  web-based Process Player enables modeling-to-execution within the Business Process Composer, allowing business analysts to validate, test and playback the business process identically to the end user, to make sure that its design meets business and customer needs.

The second key theme of the release, adds Das, is that Oracle is pushing the boundaries of what customers can do with BPM by introducing the notion of Adaptive Case Management. Support for Adaptive Case Management in the new release helps manage unstructured processes, and provides a richer experience to knowledge workers and consumers. Workers can add documents or additional tasks to process at run time, providing more flexible and collaborative work management; and activity guides help lower the user training times by providing policy guidance for task completion. Integrated with Oracle Real-Time Decisions, Adaptive Case Management helps users make better informed decisions. In addition, customers that were doing BPM process earlier can simply expand the scope of that by adding case management features to their existing projects, notes Das.

And, in the third area of enhancement with this release, the portfolio of Oracle Process Accelerators – pre-built, best practice processes – has been expanded. Oracle Process Accelerators provide customers with best practice process solutions that they can use as-is, or use as a starting point and add customization, explains Das. And, he notes, “Regardless of whether they use them or not, they also serve as blueprints and as catalogs of building blocks that every customer can leverage.” With the addition of Financial Services Loan Origination, Business Account Opening, Public Sector Incident Reporting, and Employee On Boarding, there are now a total of seven Oracle Process Accelerators available, says Das.

More information is available about Oracle Business Process Management Suite.