Oracle Unveils New Mainframe Tape Storage Solution

Oracle announced the latest generation of its mainframe virtual tape system, which the company says is the first and only mainframe virtual tape storage system to provide a single point of management for the entire system that leverages the security of the mainframe environment.

StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager 6 is designed to manage data and storage resources with automated, policy-driven management that simplifies deployment and streamlines ongoing tape operations for data protection, disaster recovery and archive. The system has 2x the performance and more than 1.8x the total disk capacity of the previous generation, Oracle says. The StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager 6 system scales on-demand to over 640 petabytes, the vendor adds. 

“As customers continue to contend with exponential data growth and the need for 24x7 access to mission-critical data, Oracle is raising the bar with high-performance virtual tape capabilities that can help keep costs down,” says James Cates, vice president of hardware development for Oracle. “Oracle’s new StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager 6 delivers major enhancements in simplicity, scalability and availability that enable customers to better manage mainframe storage environments, maximize their investments in tape, and lower total cost of ownership.”

StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager 6 is designed to address multiple enterprise configuration requirements including high performance disk-only or massively scalable disk and physical tape, as well as single or multi-site support for disaster recovery. It also is engineered to offer high levels of availability, according to Oracle. The system uses a triple-parity RAID architecture to minimize the impact of disk rebuilds.

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