Oracle Unveils Next Generation Sun Fire x86 Clustered Systems

Oracle has announced its next-generation Sun Fire x86 Clustered Systems, including rackmount servers, blades and a 10 GbE cluster fabric. The Sun Fire x86 Clustered Systems are designed for customers that run a mix of demanding Oracle and non-Oracle enterprise workloads across a grouping of systems. These systems, which ship with Oracle Solaris, Oracle Enterprise Linux and Oracle VM, deliver an end-to-end virtualized environment that provides a completely tested and supported solution for Oracle Software, including Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Applications. The systems are also certified with other x86 operating systems and virtualization platforms.

"The launch of our Sun Fire x86 Clustered Systems underscores our commitment to delivering the best, most differentiated x86 clustered solutions," states John Fowler, executive vice president for Sun Systems, Oracle. "We are the first to deliver high-performing application-to-disk solutions that can be managed and supported as a single system. This is a major step forward in providing a completely optimized solution that delivers enterprise-class performance and scale while reducing management complexity and costs for customers."

The Sun Fire x86 Clustered Systems have achieved 14 world-record results on multiple industry standard benchmarks and prominent application workloads, including a world-record result on the SAP Sales and Distribution-Parallel standard application benchmark running the SAP enhancement package 4 for the SAP ERP 6.0 application1.

The Sun Fire x86 Clustered Systems deliver advanced systems management capabilities that can lower operating costs, with key features such as Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager to provide a single point of management interface for all hardware components - blades, servers, storage, networking, power and virtualization; Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center  which delivers a highly scalable seamless management system that provides lifecycle management and process automation capabilities; the ability to install and configure blades and rackmount servers in minutes with Oracle Installation Assistant; and the elimination of  the need for network administration skills in blade solutions with zero-management blade networking and in-silicon network virtualization.

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