Oracle Unveils Oracle’s AutoVue 20.0

Oracle has announced AutoVue 20.0, the first release of the product planned from day-one under Oracle ownership. AutoVue joined Oracle as part of the Agile acquisition in 2007 and solves one central challenge, Thierry Bonfante, director product strategy for Oracle's AutoVue solutions, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "What we provide is a way to open any files, any documents that have been generated by any applications whether it is very simple applications like Microsoft Office or TIFF [Tagged Image File Format] or JPEG [Joint Photographic Experts Group] up to the very advanced 2D and 3D CADs [computer aided designs] that are used in aerospace and defense, construction, utilities, oil and gas."

This is useful to organizations, explains Bonfante, because "when you are building a plant or an airplane or car or an electronic component - anything which is engineering-intensive - you end up with a lot of parties involved coming from different geographies, different specialties and different backgrounds and they are using a lot of different applications." In these situations, it would require everyone to have access to dozens of different applications just to view the data and make decisions.

The vision behind 20.0, and moving forward, says Bonfante, is to position AutoVue as an application that unlocks data from engineering and lets it flow throughout the lifecycle so people can be more efficient and make better business decisions. The platform has been redesigned to move from a small team and personal productivity tool to an enterprise productivity tool, he notes. It has been redesigned to achieve scalability and performance using Oracle standards, parts of the Fusion Middleware, Oracle tools to really deploy AutoVue enterprise-wide and allow people to leverage the technology, in whatever their job function might be, Bonfante explains.

"If you look at the lifecycle and you want to enable the visual context to flow through that lifecycle, you need to deliver best-in-class integration," says Bonfante. This requires pre-integration into components of the stack, "but you also need to provide an open standards-based framework for partners, customers, SIs." With this release, a new web services based integration SDK provides AutoVue customers with a standards-based set of integration solutions that supports integrations in any deployment environment including Java, .Net and C++. Additionally, AutoVue 20.0 now enables new business processes for Oracle's Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management 7.0 and Oracle's Primavera Contract Management 13.0, allowing customers to access AutoVue capabilities within their Primavera dashboard.

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