Oracle Unveils SPARC Solaris-based Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud T3-1B

Demonstrating its commitment to the SPARC platform, Oracle has expanded the SPARC platform by announcing a SPARC Solaris-based Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud T3-1B engineered system and a complete refresh of the SPARC server product line.

The Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud T3-1B brings the performance, scalability and availability of SPARC Solaris servers to Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud engineered systems. Designed for large-scale, mission-critical deployments, Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud is an engineered hardware and software system tested and tuned by Oracle to run Java and non-Java applications with extreme performance. Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud T3-1B combines SPARC servers running Oracle Solaris 11 Express with InfiniBand-based I/O fabric, the market-leading Oracle WebLogic Server and other enterprise Java-based Oracle middleware products.

At Oracle OpenWorld earlier this year, Oracle announced the Exalogic Elastic Cloud Machine designed to run middleware, and based on an x86 platform, said Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. "Some people like x86 and Linux and some people like SPARC and Solaris, and our SPARC Solaris base has been asking for a middleware machine based on SPARC and Solaris." This new version will be delivered in Q1 of next year, said Ellison, emphasizing that it is a Gold Configuration with Gold Support.

Oracle also unveiled the SPARC Supercluster based on SPARC T3 servers. Built using the same innovations that delivered the OLTP performance demonstrated in Oracle's recent TPC-C benchmark, it includes the latest hardware and software from Oracle including, SPARC T3 servers, built-in cryptographic accelerators, Oracle's Sun FlashFire storage, InfiniBand networking and Oracle's Sun ZFS Storage Appliance products.

By updating its SPARC T-Series and Sun SPARC Enterprise M-Series product lines, Oracle is accelerating delivery on key milestones outlined in its 5-year roadmap for SPARC Solaris-based systems. These milestones include availability of the complete family of high-performance SPARC T3 systems with the industry's first 16-core SPARC T3 server processor; expansion of the long-standing partnership with Fujitsu and joint announcement of enhanced Sun SPARC Enterprise M-Series servers with a new SPARC processor; the announcement of Oracle Solaris 11 Express in November; and the SPARC T-Series and Sun SPARC Enterprise M-Series, optimized and integrated with Oracle Solaris for extreme reliability and scalability and increased performance for running enterprise applications.

"We continue to make progress in SPARC. We invest and we improve, and we deliver first quality performance and first quality throughput," said Ellison.

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