Oracle Unveils Sun ZFS Backup Appliance for Oracle Engineered Systems

Oracle has announced the Sun ZFS Backup Appliance, an integrated, high performance backup solution for Oracle engineered systems, including the Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud and Oracle SPARC SuperCluster T4-4. According to Oracle, the Sun ZFS Backup Appliance delivers up to 20TB per hour full backup and up to 9.4TB per hour full restore throughputs, the fastest published recovery rates among general purpose storage systems for Oracle engineered systems data protection. Oracle's Sun ZFS Backup Appliance is available in two configurations, High Performance and High Capacity, and comes pre-racked and cabled, helping to eliminate hardware tuning.

"Business operations are highly dependent on database availability, making fast backup and recovery an enterprise imperative," says Phil Bullinger, senior vice president, Storage, Oracle. "Oracle's Sun ZFS Backup Appliance is purpose-built to work with Oracle engineered systems, taking advantage of hardware and software engineered together to deliver the speed, simplicity and savings customers need to protect their data and meet stringent recovery time objectives."

Among the main advantages of the Sun ZFS Backup Appliance:     

  • The Sun ZFS Backup Appliance helps reduce the risk of failed restores by optimizing availability with predictive self-healing features and a fault management architecture that automatically detects and diagnoses underlying problems. End-to-end data check-summing also automatically checks and repairs corrupted data down to the bit level.
  • Using Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) direct connection via TCP/IP over InfiniBand, the Sun ZFS Backup Appliance can eliminate the need for additional servers and expensive third-party backup software.
  • The Sun ZFS Backup Appliance also helps eliminate complex and costly changes to data protection procedures by delivering full performance and optimal space savings while implementing Oracle recommended RMAN full and incremental backup procedures.
  • Oracle Hybrid Columnar Compression (HCC) on the Sun ZFS Backup Appliance allows better return on investment through efficient data and system usage. Oracle storage, including the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance, is uniquely able to clone and enable full system operation on HCC-compressed database copies. Snapshots of HCC-compressed tables can be cloned without decompression overhead, and used for test and development, quality assurance, reporting, or additional data protection.

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