Oracle Ups Database Performance and Scale with Exadata Cloud Infrastructure X9M

Oracle has announced the availability of Oracle Exadata Cloud Infrastructure X9M. With Oracle Autonomous Database Service or Oracle Exadata Database Service running on Exadata Cloud Infrastructure X9M, customers can run existing workloads faster, with greater scale, and at a lower cost than previous generations. In addition, when upgrading from X8M to X9M, organizations can reduce costs by consolidating hundreds of OTLP, analytics, and mixed database workloads onto a single cloud service.

According to Oracle, Exadata Cloud Infrastructure X9M offers up to 8,064 database server vCPUs, 2.5 times more than X8M, and up to 3.1PB of uncompressed database capacity, a 28% increase. Together with 80% faster internal networks, and twice the bandwidth to application server clients, customers can run OLTP workloads with sub-19 microsecond SQL IO latency and up to 87% more IOPS. Exadata Cloud Infrastructure X9M on OCI also accelerates analytics workloads in the cloud with 80% faster scan rates of up to 2.88TB/s.

The high level of performance helps customers process more mission-critical transactions in less time and develop greater insights by analyzing larger amounts of data faster and with more sophisticated analytical algorithms, Oracle notes. Additionally, the ability to consolidate more workloads on less infrastructure as compared to X8M reduces costs.

“Autonomous Database and Exadata Database Service uniquely provide stock exchange-level performance, availability, and security transparently to all apps,” said Juan Loaiza, executive vice president, mission-critical database technologies, Oracle. “With Exadata Cloud Infrastructure X9M, we adopted the latest CPU, networking, and storage hardware, and optimized our software to deliver Oracle’s highest performance, most scalable, and most cost-effective cloud infrastructure for developing and running Oracle Database workloads—all at the same price as the previous generation.”

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