Oracle ZFS Storage ZS4-4 NAS System Delivers New Capabilities for Oracle Database 12c

Oracle has introduced its latest-generation NAS storage system, Oracle ZFS Storage ZS4-4, which enables customers to accelerate application performance and improve operational efficiencies. Co-engineered with Oracle Database 12c, Oracle ZFS Storage ZS4-4 enables analytics for pluggable databases.

The ZFS Storage ZS4-4, along with the new Oracle ZFS Storage OS8.3, delivers new capabilities for Oracle Database 12c environments available only with Oracle storage.

Oracle ZFS Storage ZS4-4 provides pluggable database-level visibility into thousands of containers across the enterprise with analytics to simplify and accelerate storage performance tuning and troubleshooting in Oracle Database 12c and Oracle Multitenant environments.

According to Oracle, customers can identify database-related storage issues in 67% fewer steps with Oracle ZFS Storage ZS4-4 due to exclusive co-engineering with Oracle Database 12c, Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance analytics, and the new Oracle Intelligent Storage Protocol 1.1.

Oracle ZFS Storage ZS4-4 enables greater amounts of data at in-memory speeds, doubling the performance of its predecessor with more than 30 GB/sec throughput and 50% more dynamic random access memory (DRAM) and CPU cores. Oracle ZFS Storage ZS4-4 also provides high-level protection against security breaches with its fine-grained, simple, cost-efficient encryption capabilities.

Oracle ZFS Storage ZS4-4 extends Oracle Database with better visibility into its performance and storage requirements, explained Scott Tracy, vice president, Storage Software, Oracle. "With analytics for pluggable databases, self-tuning capabilities, and policy-based deep compression to maximize infrastructure investments for Oracle Database 12c, customers can further accelerate their time-critical business decisions.”

More information is available about Oracle ZFS Storage ZS4-4.