Oracle and Amazon Help Advertisers Engage Online Shoppers

Oracle has announced that Oracle Audiences are now integrated with Amazon DSP to provide advertisers with more actionable insights about consumer behavior on and off Amazon. The announcement was made in an Oracle blog post by Rob Tarkoff, EVP, Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience.

Providing background for the integration, Tarkoff explained that online shopping has drastically increased in the past year as consumers have gone online to buy everything from groceries to work-from-home essentials, school supplies, and personal care products. As one example, McKinsey found approximately 20%-40% growth in consumers who purchase online across these categories and more. This trend is set to continue with U.S. online retail sales expected to reach $843 billion this year. As consumers spend more time shopping online, the opportunity for advertisers to reach and engage consumers through online channels is also growing. “That is why we are continuously exploring new ways to help advertisers connect the dots.”

Specifically, said Tarkoff, the integration will enable brands advertising on Amazon DSP to:

  • Improve Reach and Relevancy: Oracle Audiences complements Amazon’s existing audiences with offline purchase-based audiences such as restaurant goers and brick-and-mortar retail shoppers. Additional audiences include automotive and entertainment enthusiasts and other lifestyle categories. With over 4,000 new syndicated audiences available for immediate activation and customization capabilities by brand, Amazon Advertising and Oracle Audiences can help advertisers reach and engage the most relevant audiences.
  • Protect Brand Equity: Oracle Contextual Intelligence helps advertisers understand the environment that their ads are served in to provide the right context for messages and to protect brand equity at scale.