Oracle and Fujitsu Enhance SPARC Enterprise M-Series Servers with New Processor

Continuing their more than 20-year partnership, Oracle and Fujitsu have enhanced SPARC Enterprise M-Series server product line with a new processor SPARC64 VII+. Oracle and Fujitsu also unveiled the unified enclosure design of the Oracle and Fujitsu SPARC Enterprise M-series servers which features the logos of both companies.

"The new SPARC64 VII+ based, SPARC Enterprise M-series server product line is the crown jewel of our over 20-year relationship, and further solidifies our joint commitment in providing SPARC/Solaris products which deliver improved value to our customers towards the future," states said Noriyuki Toyoki, corporate senior vice president of Fujitsu. "The enhanced Oracle and Fujitsu SPARC Enterprise M-Series server line represents our commitment to protecting our customers' investments by engineering high-performance systems for mission-critical deployments that can be periodically and easily upgraded," adds John Fowler, Oracle executive vice president, Systems.

Jointly designed and manufactured by Oracle and Fujitsu, the enhanced SPARC Enterprise M-Series servers aim to deliver increased performance, improved manageability and maximum investment protection for mission-critical computing.

The new SPARC64 VII+ processor provides faster memory access and increased compute power, including: Increased clock speed of up to 3.0 GHz and double the size of the L2 cache up to 12MB, delivering up to 20 percent more performance.

The SPARC Enterprise M-Series servers are Oracle and Fujitsu's comprehensive line of SPARC Solaris servers, ranging from the single-socket M3000 to the 64-socket M9000. This announcement completes a full refresh of Oracle and Fujitsu's entire line of SPARC servers; further demonstrating Oracle and Fujitsu's continuing investment in the SPARC architecture.

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