Oracle and IBM Announce Support for Open Java Community

IBM and Oracle announced they will collaborate to enable developers and customers to build and innovate based on existing Java investments and the OpenJDK reference implementation. The companies intend to collaborate in the OpenJDK project in developing the leading open source Java environment.

The two companies will make OpenJDK the primary location for Open Source Java SE development. The Java Community Process (JCP) will continue to be the primary standards body for Java specification work and both companies will work to continue to enhance the JCP.

The collaboration will center on the OpenJDK project, the open source implementation of the Java Standard Edition (Java SE) specification, the Java Language, the Java Development Kit (JDK), and Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE).

Oracle and IBM will support the recently announced OpenJDK development roadmap, which accelerates the availability of Java SE across the open source community.

"IBM Oracle and other members of the Java community working collaboratively in OpenJDK will accelerate the innovation in the Java platform," says Rod Smith, vice president, emerging technologies for IBM. "Oracle and IBM's collaboration also signals to enterprise customers that they can continue to rely on the Java community to deliver more open, flexible and innovative new technologies to help grow their business."

Java is a general-purpose software development language that is specifically designed to be open and enable application developers to "write once, run anywhere." The language is most widely used in business software, web and mobile applications.

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