Oracle and LSI Deliver Breakthrough Benchmark Performance Utilizing Oracle Database 11g for File System Storage

Oracle and LSI Corporation have announced that they have achieved breakthrough performance for Oracle Database 11g SecureFiles utilizing the LSI Engenio 7900 Storage System.

Oracle and LSI developed a clustered file system benchmark to demonstrate that Oracle SecureFiles delivers comparable file-system-like performance with increased scalability using a database for storing and managing structured and unstructured data. Oracle SecureFiles, a key feature of Oracle Database 11g, enables customers to store unstructured file content such as images, audio, video, PDFs and spreadsheets. Oracle SecureFiles is engineered to deliver high performance for file data comparable to that of traditional file systems while retaining the reliability, scalability and security advantages of Oracle Database 11g.

"Traditionally, relational data is stored in a database while unstructured data is stored as files in file systems. Oracle SecureFiles optimizes the use of the database for storage of all enterprise data, structured or unstructured," states Juan Loaiza, senior vice president, Systems Technology, Oracle. "Based on the performance results we've achieved in benchmark tests, Oracle SecureFiles can provide customers with performance that is far greater than file systems-offering a best-of-both-worlds architecture."

The companies report that breakthrough performance of 4.5GB/sec was achieved running Oracle SecureFiles BLOBs (binary large objects) on an LSI Engenio 7900 storage system-data throughput that is comparable to an application streaming large files, like images, audio or video content. This benchmark result also demonstrated high performance for databases in managing small- to medium-sized BLOBs in the database. Oracle SecureFiles features "world class performance" for managing files in the database by delivering 171 million document reads per hour, according to Oracle.

The LSI Engenio 7900 storage system configuration consisted of 243 Fibre Channel 15Krpm drives attached to seven-node IBM System x3950 M2 server cluster running 8 to 16 CPUs and 32GB to 64GB of memory. When measured from one-, four-, and seven-node configurations, Oracle SecureFiles with Oracle Real Application Clusters demonstrates scalability using the Engenio 7900, achieving 700 MB/sec, 2.8GB/sec and 4.5GB/sec, respectively, while maintaining high performance and availability.

"Through our benchmark testing with Oracle, we've established the LSI Engenio 7900 system as the world's leading reference architecture for SecureFiles," observes Vic Mahadevan, vice president of marketing and product management, Engenio Storage Group, LSI. "Whether the data is structured or unstructured, the 7900 provides superior price/performance and scalability for database and data warehousing workloads at a low cost of ownership."

For more information on Oracle SecureFiles, go here. For more information on the LSI Engenio 7900 storage system, go here.