Oracle and SAP Move Quickly to Certify Database 12c with SAP Products for Joint Customers

SAP has announced it has certified its products on Oracle Database 12c.

“More than two-thirds of all SAP customers run their SAP applications on the Oracle Database today. There is a strong overlap,” said Sohan DeMel, vice president, Product Strategy and Business Development, Oracle. “These joint customers are looking to leverage Oracle’s best database technology.”

All SAP products based on SAP NetWeaver 7.x, including SAP Business Suite 7, are now certified and supported on Oracle Database 12c. "SAP customers can now use Oracle Database 12c, Grid Infrastructure 12c, Real Application Clusters 12c, Advanced Compression, Active Data Guard Far Sync, ACFS on Exadata, online Partition capabilities and more," according to a new post on the Oracle Insider Blog by Andy Mendelsohn, executive vice president, Database Server Technologies, Oracle. In addition, he said, SAP also certified Exadata X5 in January.

The new certifications between SAP products and Oracle Database have “happened more aggressively” and represent a departure from past practices, DeMel explained.

“With SAP, the cadence that we have been following is that we certify what is called a dot 2 release. We never certify with a dot 1 release. This certification is on, which is the patch set on top of 12.1. It breaks that terminal release custom.”

The accelerated certification is in direct response to the demand from the companies’ mutual customer base to run SAP applications on the Oracle 12c Database, DeMel said.

He added that, in tandem with the certification, SAP and Oracle had issued a statement extending their reseller agreement:

“Over the last twenty years, SAP and Oracle have worked together to provide customers with a supported SAP/Oracle environment, when running SAP applications on top of an Oracle database. SAP also has enjoyed the right to resell to customers a license to use an Oracle database in connection with SAP applications, as well as the right to support the combined SAP and Oracle offerings. SAP and Oracle would like to announce that they have recently agreed to an extension of their Reseller and Support agreement.

“This extension continues the existing Oracle and SAP relationship. For the next three years (through December 31, 2017), SAP customers can continue to acquire Oracle licenses from SAP to support SAP business applications. For an additional period of two years, SAP will continue to provide integrated support for SAP/Oracle application packages (through December 31, 2019) and has committed to support Business Suite 7 core application releases through 2025.

“SAP and Oracle will continue to provide customers with additional joint statements and details at and”