Oracle’s StorageTek T10000C Tape Drive Leaps Ahead in Capacity and Throughput

Oracle has announced a new enterprise storage product, the StorageTek T10000C tape drive, which, the company says, provides high performance and low total cost of ownership at one-third to one-fifth the floor space of any tiered storage, archive or backup solution.

"The new tape drive has the highest capacity and the highest throughput of anything out there by far," Tom Wultich, director of product management for Tape Storage at Oracle, tells 5 Minute Briefing. The StorageTek T10000C provides 5TB native capacity and 240MB/second native throughput, representing capacity and throughput increases over competitive products that help customers reduce the cost of enterprise storage while providing fast backup and archive solutions.

In enterprise IT environments, customers are looking at tremendous data growth rates and they are also looking at very tight budgets so they have to be very efficient and that usually leads them to a tiered storage approach, says Wultich. "We have the best archive solutions going from a software perspective to manage the tiers and then the actual products themselves that optimize each of those tiers."

The StorageTek T10000C tape drive extends Oracle's approach of providing an integrated data protection solution with Oracle 11g Recovery Manager, Oracle Secure Backup and Oracle's Sun Storage Archive Manager software running with Oracle Solaris and Oracle Linux, and Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle's Sun SPARC Enterprise Servers, Oracle's Sun Fire x86 clustered systems and Oracle's Sun Storage and Oracle's StorageTek Tape.

The new tape drive also runs with leading third-party operating systems, open systems storage management products and mainframe storage management software.

According to Oracle, its StorageTek tape storage solutions are the first to scale to an exabyte (1,000 PB, with 2:1 compression) to handle the largest archive and long-term backup requirements.

"Tape continues to be a healthy market, and where we play in the midrange and the enterprise space, it continues to be the most scalable cost-effective tier and that is a strong value proposition," says Wultich.

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