OwlGaze Debuts AI Platform that Can Predict Attacks Before They Happen

OwlGaze is introducing Blacklight, a new artificial intelligence (AI) powered software that can detect cybersecurity threats and predict attacks before they happen.

Blacklight’s next-generation predictive AI threat detection offers British businesses and organizations a robust solution for real-time security detection and monitoring, ushering in a new cybersecurity paradigm.

Blacklight is the first ever truly predictive, cloud-native, AI-powered cybersecurity threat detection software, according to the company. It provides a centralized cybersecurity command center for any organization, and enables a proactive approach to identify, prioritize, and prevent cyber-attacks using advanced correlation and AI.

Blacklight’s real-time detection of cybersecurity threats, integrating multiple data points and using advanced pattern recognition, alerts security teams to threats faster and easier than ever before, according to the vendor.

“We pride ourselves in Blacklight’s software architecture,” said Miro Pihkanen, chief security officer of OwlGaze. “The AI and machine learning offered goes way beyond the legacy software currently on the market. With Blacklight, we don’t just uphold the industry standard, we set it. In the world of cybersecurity, let us not look for ways to rectify but ways to predict attacks. Blacklight is the evolving sanctuary for cybersecurity, establishing a revolutionary foundation across APAC, EMEA, and the world.”

Blacklight helps organizations identify, manage and mitigate daily cyber risks to transform business performance in a safe environment, delivering on OwlGaze’s mission to protect companies and their customers from the ever-increasing threat of cybersecurity breaches. Key features of Blacklight include:

  • Advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML): Using advanced AI and ML, Blacklight is capable of sophisticated predictive threat detection based on the collection, normalization, and analysis of all telemetry data.
  • Predictive threat hunting: Investigation and threat hunting capabilities are aided by AI and ML based security analytics and data correlation. Enabling security teams to uncover threats more efficiently based on user and entity behaviors.
  • Lower risk and cost: Significantly decrease risk and minimize cost, as Blacklight is a single, unified cloud-based platform that can be integrated with other security tools.
  • Fast-streamed deployment and implementation: Plug and detect. Blacklight’s AI functionality allows quick adoption and baselining. Combined with the multi-level detection models allowing protection of sensitive data and critical infrastructure.
  • Cloud-based architecture built for scalability and cost-efficiency: Multi-threaded models, automation, big data infrastructure, data localization and scalability are an integral part of Blacklight’s detection and response SaaS platform. And pricing models cater for upcoming security data features of the future.
  • Holistic visibility: Holistic, single pane of glass, combining heuristic search algorithms to proactively hunt for early signs of cyber threats before they materialize while extracting further value from an organization’s current cyber investments.

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