Oxdata Announces Full Support for Scala in H2O

0xdata, a provider of open source machine learning and predictive analytics for big data, now fully supports Scala in its open source H2O in-memory prediction engine for big data. Scala (an acronym for Scalable Language) represents a fast growing community of users and developers in machine learning and big data. H2O’s support for Scala gives developers the ability to embed and extend pre-built predictive algorithms such as Classifications, Regressions, Decision Trees and Deep Learning into data products.

“What we have done with the Scala announcement is make it available to the new generation of programmers who are software developers seeking to get into data science,” said SriSatish Ambati, founder and CEO, Oxdata. With the addition of Scala support in H2O, H2O is now further democratizing big data science by bringing functional and next-generation programmers to data science. The H2O package can be installed within minutes and can be deployed anywhere such as a desktop, on big Hadoop clusters, or on Amazon EC2.

Oxdata has made it possible to easily and quickly integrate fast predictive analytics capabilities into Scala-based applications with its full support of Scala in H2O. According to Ambati, “This provides us an opportunity to combine different communities to work in a very collaborative fashion to build applications that can go into production very quickly.”

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