PHD Virtual Launches Two New Data Protection Products

PHD Virtual Technologies, a Unitrends company, has introduced two new data protection products, PHD Virtual Backup 7 for Hyper-V and ReliableDR 3.3. Available now, PHD Virtual Backup 7 for Hyper-V provides data protection for Hyper-V environments for a limited time free of charge, while ReliableDR 3.3 is the latest version of the company’s disaster recovery solution that automates recovery to meet demanding service level agreements (SLAs).

PHD Virtual Backup 7 for Hyper-V is PHD Virtual's Foray into the Microsoft Market

“We support VMware and Citrix XenServer today with PHD Virtual Backup and we are just now getting into Hyper-V,” explained said Joe Noonan, senior product manager at PHD Virtual. As the company enters Microsoft market with this 7.0 release, he said, it is making the product available at no cost. “The 7.0 release is limited in functionality in that it focuses on local backup only. With 7.1 in 2014 we will add more functionality and broaden the capabilities to be on par with what we deliver with VMware and Citrix and from there it will be a paid product.”

According to the vendor, PHD Virtual is the only vendor supporting Microsoft, VMware and Citrix without requiring agents in the guest virtual machine. Powered by the Virtual Backup 7 architecture, PHD Virtual Backup 7 for Hyper-V offers quick access to data with minimal impact on production applications.  PHD Virtual Backup 7 for Hyper-V provides a new web-based interface; features a user-friendly dashboard with advanced reporting for a customer’s entire backup environment; and uses built-in, multi-stage deduplication technology that averages a dedupe ratio of up to 25:1 to reduce typical storage requirements by more than 90%

In addition, the latest release of ReliableDR includes enhanced compliance reporting, application testing and replication, as well as additional hardware storage support with automated failover and failback for Nimble Storage arrays. While today’s storage solutions, flash technologies and advanced algorithms provide powerful virtualization and disaster recovery capabilities, the company asserts that the challenge users still face is that replication is not aware of applications, or even virtual machines. To fill that gap, ReliableDR 3.3 includes highly efficient snapshots and replication for disaster recovery purposes.

ReliableDR 3.3 Targets VMware Environments with Critical Applications

PHD Virtual aims to fill the gap in application-aware assurance by minimizing the difficulty and risk of configuring and testing failover and failback applications. Without this technology, the company says, IT administrators can easily fall into a pattern of infrequent testing, and thereby increase the risk of recovery failure in the event of an outage. According to Noonan, ReliableDR 3.3 is targeted at VMware environments that have critical applications that need disaster recovery protection because they must get up and running very quickly.

ReliableDR 3.3 guarantees that users can recover their applications by continuously verifying disaster recovery plans are up to date and meeting SLAs; keeping multiple Certified Recovery Points (CRPs) for failover; bringing application awareness to verification and recovery processes, ensuring that businesses can operate from a disaster recovery site; and automating failover and failback processes to ensure that recovery times are minimal.

Formerly priced and packaged as a separate add-on, the storage module and advanced storage replication capabilities are now included in the ReliableDR Enterprise Edition at no additional charge.  For more information on ReliableDR 3.3, visit

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