PKWARE Ships Linux on System z Data Protection

PKWARE, Inc., a provider of data security and compression software, introduced products that extend the functionality of PKZIP and SecureZIP for Linux to mainframe environments. The new release of PKZIP and SecureZIP products for Linux on the System z operating platform supports file management and data compression on mainframes.

Linux on System z has become a vital component of the enterprise data center as increased volumes of data are managed from the platform. "We are committed, with each new release, to provide products that allow our customers to improve overall data center operations by reducing complexity and data management costs," says Joe Sturonas, chief technology officer for PKWARE. This commitment extends to supporting interoperable applications for all major enterprise computing platforms, he adds, "allowing data to be exchanged seamlessly between operating systems."

PKZIP for Linux on System z provides file management and data compression, with file-size reduction up to 98%, the vendor says. The product is designed to integrate into Linux workflows. The PKZIP family of products is interoperable so that data zipped and compressed on one platform can be unzipped and extracted on any other supported computing platforms.

SecureZIP also integrates into Linux workflows, to add encryption for protection against data breaches, data loss, or theft. It is also interoperable, so that data encrypted on one platform can be decrypted and used on other supported operating systems.

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