PMC Beefs Up Storage Connectivity for Space-Limited Data Centers

PMC, a semiconductor producer, announced a 24-port, PCIe Gen3 6Gb/s SAS/SATA RAID adapter, enabling new dense architectures for scale-out or space-limited data centers. The Adaptec 78165's 24-port native connectivity triples storage connectivity by replacing up to three eight-port RAID adapters, the vendor claims.

The 24-port Adaptec 78165 is the newest addition to the Adaptec Series 7 RAID adapter family, intended to provide space-limited data centers the ability to deploy internal and external SAS & SATA connectivity. The vendor adds that the 78165 perform supports up to 6.6GB/s on sequential reads and up to 5.2GB/s on sequential writes (with RAID 0), more than doubling the performance of competing RAID host-bus adapters.

“Today’s data centers face the challenge of processing, storing and archiving ever-increasing levels of data, while optimizing space, power and cooling in dense server environments,” says Jared Peters, vice president of Server Storage Solutions at PMC. “We have collaborated with cutting-edge data centers and system providers to address these issues.”

The Adaptec 78165 also includes third-generation Zero-Maintenance Cache Protection (ZMCP), which uses flash memory to protect cached data, eliminating the installation, monitoring, maintenance, disposal and replacement costs associated with lithium-ion battery backup units (BBUs), the vendor adds. A management tools suite is also included with the product.

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