Panorama NovaView Adds Integration with Office/SharePoint 2010 and Optimization for Oracle DB

Panorama Software has unveiled NovaView 6.2, the newest release of its flagship suite of web-enabled BI applications. NovaView 6.2 offers native connectivity with and extends Microsoft's new in-memory engine, PowerPivot, and provides tight integration with Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010. The new release also adds Oracle to the available data sources, making Oracle relational database data instantly available for interactive, multidimensional analysis with the entire NovaView product stack.

Panorama has had a long relationship with Microsoft, Mike Delgado, vice president for sales, services and global alliances, Panorama, tells 5 Minute Briefing. As Microsoft releases and innovates, Panorama continues to extend and expand the capability of the platform.

NovaView Version 6.2 features three new modules. With Panorama NovaView for PowerPivot, Panorama Software natively connects and provides a complete suite of self-service BI applications on top of Microsoft's new in-memory platform. Panorama NovaView 6.2 adds unique self-service BI capabilities like intuitive web interface, advanced analytics and a data level security layer on top of PowerPivot, elevating it to a complete BI solution and making it ready for enterprise-wide deployment.

Additionally, with NovaView 6.2, Panorama Software offers new, powerful capabilities that leverage Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010. With one click of a button, users can drill from Excel to Panorama NovaView for deeper, web-based analysis and can even deploy the same powerful analysis to the SharePoint 2010 portal. This connectivity opens up new opportunities to create a seamless back and forth flow between Excel and NovaView. Users can keep using Excel as a key part of the BI process, without experiencing any limitations on advanced analysis like web-based reporting, dashboarding and data visualization. NovaView for Office 2010 and NovaView Spotlight bring live insights directly to the MS Office desktop products.

NovaView 6.2 also includes an optimized Universal Data Connector model for Oracle data sources, enabling automatic generation of time hierarchies for immediate analysis and delivering Oracle relational database data for instant analysis with the entire NovaView product stack. In large enterprises, there is often a range of technology, explains Delgado. Being able to connect dissimilar platforms' technologies together in one user interface has been a requirement from Panorama's customer base and one of the driving factors for the company to develop this technology.

For more information on NovaView 6.2, go here.