Panorama Software Debuts NovaView Version 6.0

Panorama Software, a provider of BI solutions, has announced NovaView Version 6.0, a tightly integrated suite of web-enabled BI applications. Like past versions, NovaView 6.0 combines strong capabilities for query and analysis, formatted reporting, performance dashboards, KPI scorecards, modeling, advanced visualization and automated report distribution. It also includes new deployment wizards and applications, as well as a more robust platform.

NovaView Version 6.0 features three key new features in the areas of flash analytics, universal data connectors, and enhanced collaboration. The new Flash Analytics client increases usability for data analysis and includes self discovery for easy data navigation and exploration, on-the-spot interactive help, and animation-like flashing, linking and expanding that provides hints on where to go next.

For the first time in Panorama history, NovaView supports data stored in any source. The new Universal Data Connector offers users the ability to perform interactive data analysis on relational data just as if it was in OLAP and supports data stored in any source. It maps to any relational data source including RDBMS, Excel, CSV and existing SQL Reporting Services among others, and uses unique algorithms to model data instantly.

Third, Panorama has combined on-premise and cloud assets into a new solution called NovaView SharedViews. Now, users can leverage Panorama NovaView for enhanced collaboration with other users inside and outside of the firewall. With SharedViews, users can build reports in the cloud consisting of fresh data in a controlled, managed and fully interactive environment.

Oudi Antebi, vice president of marketing and strategy at Panorama Software, tells 5 Minute Briefing that "the flash analytics will change the way non-expert BI users will be able to perform data analysis and bring their own perspective on numbers, as opposed to looking at static reports. The Universal Data connector is the way to bypass the complex process of building a data warehouse when all you need is a quick report on data that you know exists in a line-of-business application. By bringing these two new concepts together in NovaView 6.0, Panorama Software makes the process of adding BI in an enterprise significantly faster and with a much higher benefit to more users." For more information, go here.