Panorama Software Offers Dedicated BI Option to Microsoft PerformancePoint Server and ProClarity Customers

Panorama Software, a global leader in proactive business intelligence solutions and the company that sold its OLAP technology to Microsoft, has announced that its BI product, NovaView, is immediately available as a long-term BI solution for Microsoft PerformancePoint Server and ProClarity customers affected by Microsoft's recent discontinuation announcement regarding those products.

On January 23, 2009, Microsoft announced that it will discontinue offering PerformancePoint Server 2007 as a standalone business intelligence product effective April 1, 2009. Microsoft will move the scorecard, dashboard, and analytics functionality of PerformancePoint Server (including the ProClarity Analytics Server and ProClarity Desktop Pro products) into future versions of SharePoint Server and Excel. When this occurs, Microsoft will offer BI as a set of services among others in SharePoint and Excel.

As an alternative for Microsoft and ProClarity customers who want to continue using a dedicated and enterprise-grade business intelligence product suite, Panorama is offering a migration path to NovaView, its comprehensive BI solution designed for the Microsoft SQL Server data warehouse platform. In addition to ensuring a seamless changeover to NovaView for interested customers, the migration program also offers a significant discount off of the licensing price of the new software.

Panorama NovaView is a comprehensive, proactive business intelligence product suite that provides a broad spectrum of BI functionality including analytics, reporting, dashboarding, scorecarding, advanced visualization, and modeling. In addition to traditional BI capabilities, NovaView also offers innovative solutions that help users focus on the most relevant information, take structured actions, and automate the routine by integrating BI with business processes. NovaView includes virtually all features of the PerformancePoint Server BI dashboard, analytics, and monitoring capabilities in a fully web-based or desktop client.

Oudi Antebi, vice president of marketing and strategy for Panorama, tells 5 Minute Briefing that the reason NovaView is so valuable to Microsoft customers is because it is "one product that does it all in one install, has extremely feature-rich functionality on SQL Server, offers the flexibility of either on-premise or SaaS deployment models, and is aligned with Microsoft's overall strategies." Panorama has invested heavily in the front-end capabilities of NovaView and has been able to optimize its interface with SQL Server because Panorama developed the OLAP engine that now runs in SQL Server. Antebi also points out that another benefit of migrating to NovaView now is that it will enable Microsoft customers to avoid the complexity and cost of doing full Office/SharePoint upgrades that will be required if customers want to obtain the full set of BI services in the future releases.

To obtain more information, go to Panorama's website.