Panorama Software Previews Upcoming Release of NovaView v6.0

Panorama Software, a provider of proactive business intelligence solutions, recently previewed the first fully supported release candidate of NovaView Version 6.0, scheduled for release this June.

A tightly integrated suite of web-enabled BI applications, NovaView 6.0 offers the best of query and analysis, formatted reporting, performance dashboards, KPI scorecards, modeling, advanced visualization and automated report distribution, according to the vendor. NovaView 6.0 also includes new products in the suite, including NovaView Flash Analytics and NovaView Shared Views.

The special addition to the 6.0 version, according to the company, is the inclusion of the popular Flash Analytical user client application that was first introduced with Google Apps and is now made available inside the NovaView suite on-premise.

NovaView is different from other BI tools as it focuses on three key scenarios. First, it offers more power and functionality for the analysts and power users. NovaView gives users more tools to analyze and query data on OLAP sources than most other products today. Second, NovaView provides tools for those who do not want to perform any interaction, but simply want their insights in a simplified manner. With products like NovaView, spotlight users can get their key metrics into an easy-to-use Outlook task pane.

The third area that makes NovaView stand out is through a new product called NovaView Shared Views. This product gives users the ability to enable real-time collaboration on live interactive reports with partners and suppliers that don't have access to data inside the firewall.

Oudi Antebi, vice president of marketing and strategy for Panorama, tells 5 Minute Briefing that the four new dimensions of the upcoming release are "a revamped UI with a Web 2.0 look and feel, an install and deploy process that is as simple as running through a wizard, product robustness to enable thousands of concurrent users, and the Flash Analytics and Shared Views new products." For more information about Panorama and NovaView 6.0, go here.