Panorama Software to Provide Integration with Microsoft’s PowerPivot

Panorama Software, a provider of proactive Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, has announced its plans for the next release of its flagship product suite NovaView. Panorama's next release will extend its Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services support to natively support Microsoft's new PowerPivot technology (formerly known as Project Gemini). SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) is Microsoft's online analytical processing (OLAP) technology, and PowerPivot is the name for Microsoft's next major update to SSAS.

PowerPivot is an innovative data platform that will simplify and shorten the process of connecting to any data source, and enable users to instantly analyze data from one or many data sources in a web BI interface. PowerPivot uses an in-memory, column-based storage mode which allows analysis with predefined models, and without pre-aggregation or cube-building prior to querying. By combining its power with the NovaView suite, information workers can save time associated with connecting to a data source and creating interactive reports and dashboards.

Oudi Antebi, vice president of marketing and strategy for Panorama, tells 5 Minute Briefing that "in the previous release of NovaView, Panorama added a universal data connector to map to any relational data source and bring the data into storage on disk. Now, with the next release of NovaView, we are going to support Microsoft PowerPivot and bring the data directly into memory for much faster analysis. A wizard within NovaView will guide the user to create links to the data sources, and bring the data into memory. Then, using predefined models and with no need to create a cube, analysts will be able to immediately start working with that data. And the business models will persist and not be lost when the memory and PC are turned off."

Beyond the integration of PowerPivot as the core engine for Panorama's NovaView platform, Panorama will integrate with the traditional SQL Server Analysis Services engine, Excel 2010 and SharePoint, enabling users to perform even deeper analysis in a web environment. Soon, Panorama NovaView will provide all the benefits of simplified, ad hoc solutions combined with the added advantages of in-memory functionality and NovaView's powerful user interface to provide new ways for analysts and information workers to generate impactful insights and make better business decisions .

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