ParAccel 4.0 Delivers Increased Performance and Enterprise Strength for Big Data Analytics

ParAccel, an enterprise analytics platform provider, has announced the general availability of ParAccel 4.0. “If you consider how analytics have traditionally been run – offline, static, standalone – there’s a large gap that needs to be filled if organizations want to meet 21st century demands,” says Chuck Berger, CEO at ParAccel.

The new release builds on ParAccel’s expertise to help organizations achieve high performance, interactive big data analytics with improved speed and reliability. According to ParAccel, many organizations have started to implement logical data warehouses or hybrid data ecosystems that allow data and workloads to migrate to the best suited platform. ParAccel Analytic Platform, with its on-demand integration modules released last month, enables organizations to implement this type of interactive environment while delivering high-performance analytics.

ParAccel 4.0 seeks to enable companies to execute analytics in dynamic and interactive environments with improved stability, and performance increases of 15%. According to the company, specific improvements include Advanced Query Optimization that tracks data properties all the way through the pipeline of query processing, speeding aggregation by more than 20 times; Interconnect Optimization that includes a virtual hotwire feature that doubles data transmission throughput while using fewer CPU cycles; and Advanced I/O Optimization that uses an improved pre-fetch algorithm to adapt intelligently to changing workloads resulting in consistent performance improvement.

In addition, new Hash Join Algorithms optimize the utilization of memory and dynamically change the execution strategy at run-time for improved performance;  Connections have been expanded to now support up to 5,000 simultaneous, client connections to the ParAccel Analytic Platform;  and Interactive Workload Management provides a persistent class of queries to ensure the performance of both short and long-running queries in an interactive environment.

“ParAccel Analytic Platform allows data scientists and business analysts to power through increasingly complex queries on massive amounts of data, in real time,” says Berger. For a full list of features with descriptions, see the ParAccel 4.0 Fact Sheet