ParAccel Introduces Analytic Software Appliance

ParAccel, Inc., provider of the ParAccel Analytic Database, has announced the ParAccel Analytic Appliance (PAA), a packaged software appliance intended for simple installation and configuration on commodity hardware by customers, partners or ParAccel. With this introduction, ParAccel also announced it is teaming with Fusion-io, a provider of enterprise solid-state storage technology and high performance I/O solutions, to deliver a high-performance option for PAA. The strategic partnership between ParAccel and Fusion-io creates what the companies describe as the first flash-powered columnar analytic appliance.

When deployed with Fusion's ioMemory, the ParAccel Analytic Appliance represents a blending of hardware and software designed to deliver extremely high processing speeds. By integrating a new solid-state flash memory tier, data can be read 15 times faster than with traditional enterprise storage, according to ParAccel. The company adds that the ParAccel Analytic Database platform further enhances the PAA's performance with its high compression levels and Omne query optimizer, which enables complex data exploration without the indices, materialized views or specialized schemas required by other platforms.

The partnership with ParAccel and Fusion-io is about "creating a different level of performance/performance and reliability over time," Rick Glick, vice president of technology and architecture, ParAccel, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "The flash cards that we use in Fusion-io have incredible I/O characteristics. One flash card will replace-in terms of megabytes per second and I/O rates-12-15 spinning disks per node. That gives just a lot fewer moving parts, fewer spinning heads, less power consumption, less heat production and less cooling required, and just an overall more stable, higher performance appliance package."

Separately, ParAccel announced that the ParAccel Analytic Database Release 2.5, which incorporates new features for advanced query optimization, accelerated I/O, and security compliance will be available in Q2 2010. New enhancements to ParAccel's advanced query optimizer, Omne, allow automatic de-correlation of even broader ranges of embedded sub-queries, to further simplify and accelerate the development of analytic applications. PADB 2.5 also extends column-level encryption, enabling organizations to confidently deploy PADB into Payment Card Industry- and Security Technical Implementation Guides-compliant environments.

The ParAccel Analytic Database already supports many popular ETL and BI tools via an enhanced ODBC driver, including solutions from BusinessObjects, Cognos and MicroStrategy. New updates further extend ready integration to additional partners, including Informatica, Information Builders, and Diginome, also generally supporting heterogeneous client applications with connections to a range of operating systems, including Windows 32-bit and 64-bit, Linux 32-bit and 64-bit, and AIX.

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