ParAccel and Kove Team to Provide Rapid Database Cloning and Recovery

Kove, a high performance storage vendor, and ParAccel, provider of a leading analytic platform, have announced a new, joint solution available on Dell's PowerEdge servers and Kove XPD2 Storage intended to enable near-instantaneous analytic database duplication.  The Kove-ParAccel database duplication solution enables the rapid delivery of an analytic sandbox clone that can be used by business analysts, or a quick provisioning clone for development and test in traditional on-premise environments.

"The collaboration between ParAccel and Kove using Dell servers will enable innovative use cases for our powerful analytics platform, including the ability to clone data to aid test and development of new analytics while increasing the quality of the data mart to the business or by deploying a parallel environment that can model an additional scenario," explains Chuck Berger, CEO for ParAccel.

In the cloning tests the XPD2 storage was mesh-connected to Dell PowerEdge servers running the ParAccel Database at R Systems hosting facility. Holding world records for latency, IOPS, and bandwidth, Kove's XPD2 has achieved the 14 fastest STAC-M3 Benchmarks ever, the companies state.  In addition, Kove Direct Storage Access KDSAä technology maintains consistent speed at any capacity level, up to 100%, and does not degrade over time. 

ParAccel running on Kove high performance storage can prove benefits for a number of real world use cases, especially in financial service in the areas of risk, fraud, and trading, according to the companies. For example, the combined solution can enable a centralized platform for holistic risk analysis - across all categories of risk such counter-party credit risk, market risk, and so on. The ability for scaling of data sets and analytic complexity provides a unified platform for risk assessment across the entire organization. 

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