Paragon Software Group Release Free Backup and Recovery Platform for Mac

Paragon Software Group, a recognized data storage provider, is releasing the free Paragon Backup and Recovery for Mac, delivering an ultra-fast, easy, one-click image-based backup for Catalina Mac systems.

As the company’s tests show, it can take Paragon Backup and Recovery for Mac only nine minutes to complete a full backup of a 131GB disk on a 2018 Mac Mini equipped with a T2 chip.

The software works with any disk formats mountable to Mac. It can also wrk with NTFS via Microsoft NTFS for Mac by Paragon Software.

The bootable image transfers Mac OS to new MacBook or iMac, and thus, makes a complete replica of users’ system and data. Users can also restore a Mac with Paragon’s easy-to-use recovery media.

Forensics departments and personnel require a copy of the entire system to research and study criminal data.

The solution creates images of Mac systems even with the Apple T2 chip, making it possible to access MacOS data from other operating systems.

With a backup performed by Paragon’s free tool, the utility creates an unencrypted image with data files that users can then copy to mount on another Mac to study.

Key features:

  • Creates backups up to 3 times faster than Time Machine;
  • Works with any disc formats, mountable to Mac
  • Creates bootable recovery media;
  • Mounts the created file using standard system tools and restores (by copying from the mounted copy) the required folders or files;
  • Quickly backup and restore data to another storage medium.

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