ParallelM Releases Platform Updates for Data Scientists

ParallelM, a provider of MLOps, is introducing new versions of MCenter targeted to data scientists and data science teams, allowing small-to-medium-sized (SMBs) companies or enterprise customers to buy a version of the product that fits their current needs and scale as their businesses grow.

The versions include a free edition that allows users to deploy and manage machine learning applications in production.

“We are seeing more and more data scientists and data science teams who are responsible for deploying their machine learning projects into production,” said Sivan Metzger, CEO of ParallelM. “Data Scientists are hands-on people, so we wanted to provide products that can solve the deployment problem for individuals and teams that would allow them to start working right away.”

 The new editions of MCenter provide levels of functionality that are tailored to the needs of different users and groups and offer the following:

  • Free Edition – The Free Edition provides a completely free account that allows a user to deploy a single machine learning application with rich monitoring and governance. Free Edition users have access to the MCenter Support portal which includes tutorials, videos and community message boards for support. Free accounts are hosted by ParallelM for free using Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform.
  • Data Science Edition – The Data Science Edition provides everything that a data scientist needs to get up and running quickly. This edition is available for download and runs on leading cloud providers or on-premise. This edition includes the ability to deploy and manage three different machine learning use cases and includes REST serving. Data Science Edition users have access to the MCenter support portal which includes tutorials, videos and community message boards for support. The Data Science Edition is being offered to a limited number of users for the introductory price of $299 per month with the first 60 days Free.
  • Team Edition – The Team Edition is a fully featured version of MCenter for up to 5 users that adds additional capabilities to deploy and manage up to 10 machine learning use cases. With this edition, teams benefit by creating and sharing machine learning components across projects. The Team Edition also supports the autoscaling of real-time requests in addition to a custom Slack channel for support and access to ML Ninja services in addition to the support site.

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