Parasoft Announces Testing for Virtualized Mainframe Environments

Parasoft announced the release of a service virtualization solution intended to help development and QA teams access the complete, realistic test environments needed to develop or test an application. The vendor's Service Virtualization solution can be applied to agile and parallel development, performance testing, mobile testing, and end-to-end functional testing. 

The latest release introduces advanced service virtualization for mainframes and enables manipulation of complex data structures for use in defining sophisticated simulation behavior. The new release also covers simulations for interactions with applications run on mainframe specialty engines, or within Linux partitions, Wayne Ariola, chief strategy officer for Parasoft, tells 5 Minute Briefing. “Service virtualization covers the simulation of both open system and on mainframe applications for Linux.”

Developing and testing applications that leverage a mainframe environment can be a complex, costly, and time-consuming endeavor due to factors such as complexity of access, the cost of MIPS consumption, and the operational cost and delays involved in making changes to mainframe components. These challenges are compounded in Agile and iterative development environments. By providing ubiquitous access to simulated test environments, Parasoft service virtualization is intended to help reduce the costs and constraints traditionally associated with developing or testing open systems that communicate with mainframe assets. 

Parasoft’s Service Virtualization enables organizations to simulate the application under test’s interactions with subsystems ranging from DB2 databases, to CICS regions, to IMS. This communication may occur over protocols such as MQ, HTTP, TCP/IP, and JDBC, and it may involve payloads such as Copybook, XML, fixed-length or other custom message format. This promotes faster and more complete testing, Ariola says. Another benefit is that it alleviates disruption to mainframe resources that should be held off for later runtime testing and validation.

In addition, Parasoft announced a new API testing solution, Parasoft SOAtest. This cloud/API testing solution dramatically simplifies the complex testing needed for today’s interconnected business systems. “With the recent shift to an API economy, the integrity of the APIs you produce and consume is now more important than ever,” Ariola adds.

For more details, visit the Parasoft website.