Parasoft Equips Teams with Improved Software Testing Capabilities

Parasoft, a global leader in software testing and quality solutions, is introducing several advancements in software testing technology, equipping teams with automated AI-enhanced API test generation, microservices code coverage collection, and web accessibility testing.

Parasoft's AI journey now includes the auto-parameterization of API scenario tests generated with the OpenAI/Azure OpenAI integration to streamline the creation of test scenarios that validate data flow through a use case.

Parasoft now collects code coverage metrics from multiple parallel test executions in the same test environment for Java and .NET microservices.

Microservices code coverage can now be published under one project in Parasoft DTP, enabling an aggregated view of microservices coverage.

With support for WCAG 2.2 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) and new reporting capabilities in Parasoft SOAtest and DTP, rule mapping with severity classifications helps teams streamline remediation efforts.

The new updates will help a myriad of users including:

  • Java development managers
  • QA managers
  • QA directors
  • Directors of engineering

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