Part of the IBM Quantum Network, T-Systems Will Provide Customers with Cloud Access to IBM Quantum Computers

T-Systems will now have the ability to provide its customers with cloud access to IBM’s quantum systems, including multiple quantum computers powered by the 127-qubit IBM Eagle processor.

The Deutsche Telekom IT subsidiary will embark on the path to providing access to this technology, as well as insights on how it can be applicable to its customers’ businesses. In addition, T-Systems will offer dedicated quantum know-how and training.

Customers will have access to T-Systems quantum services tailored to their needs, in a set of different customizable packages.

These range from one-day introductory sessions, through to business case proofs-of-concept over several months.

The use of IBM Quantum computational resources over the cloud—including Qiskit Runtime, which allows for the optimization and efficient execution of workloads on quantum systems at scale—together with T-Systems’ services, will lower the barrier to quantum computing.

This will allow T-Systems to develop and test customers’ use-cases and prepare them for a future with quantum computing. T-Systems aims to host its own quantum infrastructure in the future, assisted by IBM.

By integrating quantum computing into their portfolio, T-Systems aims to further leverage their leadership position in advisory, cloud services and digital solutions beyond the local markets in key focus industries.

The ultimate goal is to provide clients with a seamless experience, incorporated into their cloud landscape, as they look to uncover the potential of quantum computing for their businesses.

“Organizations around the world are beginning to explore how quantum computing will impact their industry and business. By partnering with T-Systems as a cloud provider, we will be able to offer access to quantum technology to an even broader ecosystem. Our team at IBM is excited to support T-Systems’ and their customers’ exploration of, and aspirations for quantum applications for their business operations,” said Scott Crowder, vice president, IBM Quantum adoption and business development.

Quantum computing aims to enable calculations that are beyond the means of even the world’s most advanced classical supercomputers. 

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