Partnership Between Equalum and Yellowbrick Aims to Streamline Data Migration to the Cloud

Equalum, provider of data integration and ingestion solutions, is announcing its strategic partnership with Yellowbrick Data, the hybrid multi-cloud data warehouse vendor. By streamlining the data migration process with Equalum’s platform, data is moved from legacy environments to the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse—which is hosted in the user’s commercial cloud environment of choice.

Equalum provides enterprise-grade data integration and streaming, while Yellowbrick’s SQL-based data warehouse provides elasticity and separated storage and compute. Combined, Equalum can leverage YBLoad for data integration into the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse, allowing users to have access to advanced management and analytics capabilities, with infinite scalability.

“With Equalum, users have the opportunity to fully utilize and optimize Yellowbrick’s toolset and capabilities, with a well-integrated solution to move data from the broadest range of sources,” said Allen Holmes, VP of business development at Yellowbrick. “The combination of both platforms provides outstanding price/performance leadership for large scale environments where fast data ingestion is needed to control data migration costs.”

Yellowbrick’s warehouse enables users to run complex queries on live data at petabyte scale without sacrificing the quality of query response. By reducing risk, complexity, and cost, Yellowbrick’s expandable technology paired with Equalum’s simplicity produces an efficient, lucrative, and adaptive solution that can integrate data within a single data repository.

“Equalum’s integration with Yellowbrick allows joint customers to truly experience the benefits of a modern, elastic data warehouse—designed to streamline data management and accelerate data analytics,” said Erez Alsheich, chief product officer and co-founder of Equalum. “The synergies between our organizations are many, making this a natural fit as we outperform more limited legacy solutions.”

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