Partnership Between SAP and Samsung Expands to Make Android Devices Enterprise-Secure

SAP has achieved expanded Samsung For Enterprise (SAFE) Certification for the SAP Afaria mobile device management solution. SAFE certified devices are guaranteed to have met Samsung’s security criteria and feature enhancements suitable for business use.

SAP and Samsung also said that the next step in the companies’ planned collaboration will be centered on Samsung KNOX, an end-to-end secure solution that provides security hardening from the hardware through to the application layer. Samsung KNOX will build on the foundation of the SAFE Certification and provide users with enhanced security at all levels of the Android platform.

According to the vendors, SAFE devices managed by SAP Afaria, assures businesses that they can effectively manage and secure large numbers of disparate users who bring their own devices into the workplace. SAFE devices provide enhanced IT security protection through various policy groups such as Application Policy, Exchange Active Sync IT Policy, Encryption Policy, Native Email Policy, Various Restriction Policies (WiFi, USB, SD card, Bluetooth, camera, microphone, clipboard, etc),  and Location Policy.

SAP says it currently has over 4,000 Samsung devices deployed internally around the world. The benefits of managing Samsung devices through SAP Afaria include unified management of multiple device models, streamlined installation of email accounts and enhanced security policies, including application white/blacks and SD card enablement/encryption.

SAP and Samsung continue to work together to address the management and security concerns commonly faced by enterprises using Samsung Android devices. Samsung KNOX will provide users with enhanced security at all levels of the Android platform. In addition, Samsung’s KNOX solution retains full compatibility with Android and the Google ecosystem, while engineering fundamental security and management enhancements, including its unique application container technology which enables enterprises to support both BYOD and Corporate-Liable models without compromising corporate security or employee privacy.

More information is available about SAP Afaria and SAFE