Partnership between and Solace Guides the Future of Event-Native API Management Platform, the open-source API management platform, is announcing a strategic partnership with Solace, the provider of event-driven architecture for real-time enterprises, intending to introduce a unified API management system to the market that is optimized for synchronous RESTful and asynchronous event-driven APIs.

The partnership is a response to a widening opportunity in the API economy to deliver a “one-stop shop” platform for unified management of real-time systems; an approach capable of accessing, reusing, and exposing asynchronous event-driven and synchronous RESTful APIs under one roof, according to the vendors.

Integrating Gravitee’s event-native API management platform with Solace’s event streaming and event management platform, the pair seeks to provide users with the ability to catalog, discover, request, and gain access to asynchronous APIs within the same Gravitee environment used to access synchronous RESTful APIs and other API products.

“Companies need a way to stream events both within their organization and to and from external stakeholders and are looking to expose and even monetize them the same way they have productized REST APIs as API products,” said Denis King, chief executive officer at Solace. “This partnership gives customers a unified way of managing, exposing, and reusing all of their APIs and API products, both RESTful and event-driven.”

Further effects of the partnership include Solace’s event broker, PubSub+ Event Broker, being equipped to manage all aspects of distributing event-driven information within the organization, as well as to exchange with authorized external stakeholders. PubSub+ Event Portal from Solace supplies the means to develop, and lifecycle manage event-driven APIs and Event API Products—accessible through Gravitee’s Developer Portal. Finally, Gravitee will launch the Solace PubSub+ Event Broker connector, enabling clients of Gravitee to use REST, Websockets, Webhooks, and Server-Sent Events to communicate with the Solace PubSub+ Event Broker for rate limiting abilities, transformations, and other Gravitee API Gateway policies.

"This integration allows organizations to accelerate their modernization initiatives by securely connecting client and consumer applications across their enterprise in real-time via an event mesh powered by the Solace PubSub+ Platform," said Rory Blundell, chief executive officer at Gravitee. "This will enable organizations to manage, secure, and govern their entire API and event landscape with one integrated solution."

The joint efforts of Solace and Gravitee intend to elevate the value of asynchronous, event-driven APIs to the level of synchronous, RESTful APIs, from a singular platform for enhanced accessibility. For API Management vendors, Solace will soon be launching a partner program to integrate vendors’ solutions with Solace’s EDA platform.

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