Partnership between Prefect Technologies and Databricks Strengthens Dataflow Technology

Prefect Technologies, developer of the open-source data workflow automation platform Prefect, is announcing its recent partnership with Databricks, the Data and AI enterprise, providing data workers automation technology for dataflow, regardless of data intensity. The partnership aims to increase performance, reliability, and visibility regarding data workflows for overall confidence and security in enterprise data management.

"As the Databricks Lakehouse Platform becomes the hub of data-driven organizations, workflow orchestration ensures that accurate, reliable data is ready for critical use cases—with minimal human intervention," said Roger Murff, VP of technology partners at Databricks. "Prefect saves data engineers time, offering end-to-end visibility and increasing confidence in the accuracy and availability of data."

The connection abilities provided by the partnership bridge the gap between resources throughout the modern data stack on the lakehouse. Accompanied by the Databricks Lakehouse Platform, Prefect’s data workflow technology is fortified by data lakes and data warehouses, allowing for data, analytics, and AI unification, open-source building, and cross-cloud consistency for the platform. To accommodate users migrating to Databricks, the Prefect platform enables data workers to utilize tools from across the data stack, as well as operate across multiple infrastructures, simultaneously. Data engineers will also have access to their current tools while developing in Python.

"As data engineers encounter a growing number of tools across the stack, we're excited to add Databricks as a partner to help companies continue to coordinate their dataflows," said Jeremiah Lowin, CEO of Prefect. "Databricks' validation of Prefect's technology also helps further our growth as the leading dataflow automation platform."

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