Paxata Advances Data Preparation for Analytics with New Release

Paxata is releasing an updated version of its Adaptive Data Preparation platform, addressing critical enterprise-grade security, manageability and performance functionality.  “We are becoming a critical part of the enterprise fabric,” said Nenshad Bardoliwalla, co-founder and vice president of products at Paxata. “Data preparation is becoming a mission-critical enterprise capability.”

Paxata's Summer '15 release includes optimized Spark integration, dynamic provisioning of elastic clusters for Cloud tenants, Kerberos support to add enterprise-grade security and authentication, and richer governance of data prep projects, including deeper integration with Splunk for user and project monitoring.

The update adds a two-factor governance system that allowsdata administrators to have control of all functional permissions, while resource permissions can be set by the analysts.

“We wanted to design a really innovative way that both IT and the business could work together to actually give people the correct division of responsibility between the data they should see,” said Bardoliwalla.

Additionally IntelliFusion custom match options are being enhanced to provide users with the ability to select the IntelliFusion matching method of their choice with the newly added custom match, allowing users to choose whether to ignore or respect word order, white space or other punctuation.

Users are gaining the ability to publish multiple Paxata AnswerSets from a single project. Rather than creating multiple projects that are slightly varied based on the different analytic requirements, analysts can start with a single project, then produce different AnswerSets as they work, and each is saved and remembered.

“The ability to produce multiple outputs from the same project really enhances the flexibility to produce errors versus the traditional data,” said Bardoliwalla.

Data developers, data scientists, and analysts will benefit from this updated release, according to Bardoliwalla.

“Data preparation is a space that’s maturing very quickly and we are providing an enterprise class solution that can be used by fortune 100 companies to much smaller but at the same time we’ve kept the very good ease of use that makes Paxata really a delight to use for analysts as well as developers and scientists,” said Bardoliwalla.

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