Peer Software Launches Tool to Deliver Intelligent Insights into Storage Environment Performance

Peer Software is releasing a self-hosted analytics engine that enhances storage analytics, observability, and monitoring.

PeerIQ provides organizations with a single pane of visibility into heterogeneous hybrid and multi-cloud storage environments—going beyond the limitations of singular vendor storage systems, according to the company.

The solution provides reduced risk, faster troubleshooting and resolution, proactive notifications of deviations, performance impacts and anomaly detection, and more efficient compliance reporting.

PeerIQ is a virtual appliance that contains a dashboard and analytics environment that offers tools for monitoring the health and performance of PeerGFS, Peer’s Global File Service, and an organization’s replication environment.

PeerGFS, improves productivity and availability throughout the enterprise and was developed to solve file management and file replication challenges in multi-site, multi-platform, and hybrid multi-cloud environments. It works with the existing storage systems already deployed.

“With PeerIQ, organizations can unlock the true potential of their data storage environments, obtain actionable insights to make informed decisions, and achieve optimized performance,” said Jimmy Tam, CEO, Peer Software. “This results in a faster time to resolution for potential storage infrastructure problems. PeerIQ is an indispensable tool for businesses seeking to leverage storage analytics for strategic advantage.”

PeerIQ provides organizations with insights into their storage infrastructure, as the engine ingests storage metadata.

The platform then performs analysis and delivers trending information through intuitive visualization and reporting. Its dashboards are viewable via a web browser and provide a visual and interactive interface that displays telemetry data that is updated automatically.

PeerIQ’s dashboard provides data that improves productivity, facilitates staff collaboration, and allows for real-time monitoring across heterogenous hybrid and multi-cloud storage environments, according to the company. With the ability to store up to four weeks of history, PeerIQ enables users to effectively manage and monitor their jobs, Peer Management Center (PMC), and connected Agents.

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