Pega Unveils Pega Infinity ’23, Enriched with AI Capabilities to Power the Autonomous Enterprise

Pegasystems Inc., the low-code platform provider empowering the world’s leading enterprises to Build for Change, is introducing the latest version of its Pega Infinity software suite with new features that will accelerate low-code development, optimize existing processes, and create effortless experiences for employees and customers alike.

According to the company, these new capabilities will help organizations on their path toward becoming an autonomous enterprise so they can innovate faster, increase productivity, and personalize customer experiences while reducing costs and manual work. 

Pega previously announced Pega GenAI, which will provide a set of 20 new generative AI-powered boosters across Pega Infinity ‘23 to make it even easier, faster, and more powerful to use. Pega’s approach will help organizations leverage the power of generative AI while building controls, governance, and auditing to keep humans in the loop.

Pega GenAI will offer a secure, plug-and-play architecture that will allow for low-code development of AI prompts, the ability to infuse generative AI functions into workflows, and the freedom to swap in different large language models. This approach will help users drive value from generative AI now and into the future.

In addition to new generative AI-powered boosters, Pega Infinity ‘23 will also include updates to Pega Platform, Pega Customer Decision Hub, and Pega Customer Service. Highlights include: 

  • Reuse Library in App Studio
  • Constellation UX
  • Enhanced Accessibility Compliance
  • Process AI case categorizations
  • More agile 1:1 operations
  • Strategy optimization
  • Enhanced Always-On Insights
  • Seamless integration of Pega Customer Service with any design system
  • Agent productivity components
  • Pega Process Fabric connectors

Pega Infinity unifies customer engagement, customer service, and intelligent automation capabilities within a single platform to help accelerate digital transformation.

By engaging customers with the right message, at the right time, across any channel, clients can improve customer satisfaction, increase customer lifetime value, and boost productivity.

Pega's low-code environment helps reduce complexity for accelerated deployments, faster iteration, and greater customer and employee satisfaction.

“Achieving maximum productivity while delivering incredible customer experiences has been a long-coveted goal of organizations as well as a promise of many technology solutions, but many still aren’t practically applying AI and automation in a way that gets the job done,” said Kerim Akgonul, chief product officer, Pega. “Pega Infinity ’23 is providing enterprises with integrated AI, automation, and low-code technologies across the entire suite of solutions to help organizations reach a level of self-optimization that results in better experiences for employees and customers.”

Pega Infinity ‘23 will be available in Q3 2023.

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