Pentaho 5.4 Future-Proofs Big Data in the Enterprise

Pentaho is now offering support for integration with SAP HANA and Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR).

Dubbed Pentaho 5.4, available now, the solution offers new capabilities that build on a pragmatic and future-proofed platform for big data orchestration and analytics at scale.

“This release is kind of helping us to continue to sort of future-proof big data,” said Donna Prlich, vice president of product solutions and marketing at Pentaho. “It really is another release building on what we’ve done to help our customers in deploying different big data use cases.”

With Pentaho 5.4 customers can now use Amazon EMR to natively transform and orchestrate data as well as design and run Hadoop MapReduce in-cluster on EMR.

Additionally, the new release will allow integration of Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) with Apache Spark, enabling orchestration of Spark jobs, new APIs to simplify embedding analytics into business applications and processes, offer a refreshed modern look for Pentaho Data Integration, and ability to localize Pentaho in French, German and Japanese.

With the new support for SAP HANA, Pentaho customers will be able to blend different data from data sources and ingest that directly into SAP HANA for analytics.

“That’s a real first for us,” Prlich said, noting that it will expand SAP HANA’s footprint by allowing easier access for its use during big data projects. “That’s kind of exciting for us because with the combination of Pentaho and SAP there is a big opportunity,” Prlich said.

This upgrade will benefit customers who have deployed big data environments or who expect to do so - “people who really need the flexibility of being able to scale data over time,” Prlich said.

Additionally, Pentaho executed study regarding scaling on Hadoop and found that Pentaho MapReduce sustained processing performance while running at scale on a 129-node Hadoop cluster. 

“It just really shows the power of Pentaho Data Integration to run in a cluster and really gives our customers the confidence that Pentaho can scale in these large environments,” Prlich said.

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