Pentaho 6.0 Helps Customers Put Big Data to Work

Pentaho is updating its platform to help users blend data more efficiently and manage the analytic data pipeline.

“We’ve learned so much over the last couple of years from our big data customers and customers that have scaled and seen the value of big data and their environments,” said Donna Prlich, vice president of products solutions and marketing at Pentaho. “We’re really looking at our product line and saying, ‘Where do we take this and where does it need to go?’ In 6.0 it’s really all about putting big data to work.”

Version 6 of Pentaho now offers users the ability to blend and virtualize data on the fly for faster access and flexibility when mashing up data, support for continuous data blending at scale with enhanced ‘push down optimization,’ easily shape even the most complex data, track and store data lineage details each time a process executes, and improve collaboration capabilities for sharing data discovery findings with improved in-line modeling capabilities (round-trip model editing).

“We know that data doesn’t stay stationary,” Prlich said. “We’ve optimized our blending capabilities to make them have better performance.”

Additionally, the improved platform strengthens the ability to handle the big data pipeline by providing users with new data lineage capabilities to help them understand data origin and the potential impact of change. 

“We’ve looked at things like advanced security and monitoring data linage so you can know where data came from and start to track things if necessary,” Prlich said. “So we put that across the platform so our customers feel like they have this data pipeline in their organization under control. We are putting data to work in different kinds of places.”

Pentaho 6.0 also upgrades and enhances Spring Security, the Java/Java EE framework that provides authentication, authorization and other security features for enterprise applications.

Smaller enterprises with growing amounts of data will benefit from Pentaho 6.0, according to Prlich.

“For customers who have started with big data and have now expanded, this release is really important because it gives them a lot of that larger organization enterprise capability to manage that data flow,” Prlich said. “This will even benefit customers who are starting out and are realizing that there’s a lot of value in data.”

Pentaho will continue to look at a variety of issues plaguing the big data landscape as plans for future upgrades move along.

“Part of why I think 6.0 is a really good start for us in terms of managing that data flow through an enterprise, we’re going to be looking at how we continue to do that,” Prlich said. “We’re now in a space where we’re talking to so many more enterprise customers in what they are trying to do in big data. It’s exciting.”

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