Pentaho 7.0 Delivers Unified Data Preparation and Big Data Enhancements

Pentaho has introduced Pentaho Business Analytics 7.0, a unified platform to prepare and visualize data from disparate sources in the analytics pipeline.   

The new release also includes simplified deployment options and several new big data options such as increased capabilities for Spark use cases, as well as expanded Hadoop data security integrations.

Citing market research that data and analytics users spend the majority of their time either preparing data for analysis or waiting for data to be prepared for their use, Pentaho says that the new release, Pentaho 7.0, addresses these challenges by allowing data engineers and analysts to easily prepare and visualize data without moving between separate data integration and visualization tools.  With a unified platform, the company says, IT and the business can more easily collaborate to deliver higher quality data for analysis and minimize time to insights.

While business teams are demanding self-service access to fast, deep insights from a vast range of data sources, Pentaho contends, the standard data integration processes are still too rigid, time consuming and require multiple tools. With Pentaho 7.0, IT and business can better collaborate on data prep to drive the right analytics to the business faster.

According to Donna Prlich, senior vice president, products and solutions, at Pentaho  organizations are seeking solutions that help shorten the data preparation process and simultaneously overcome big data complexity. By offering an integrated data prep and business analytics platform and removing the need to switch both context and tools, Pentaho 7 improves collaboration between IT and the business, she noted.  

Pentaho 7.0 will be generally available in November 2016.

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