Pentaho Agile BI Enables Data Source to Dashboard in Minutes

Pentaho Corporation, an open source business intelligence (BI) vendor, today announced a unified extract, transform, and load (ETL), modeling and data visualization integrated development environment (IDE) for BI applications. The solution, Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) 4.0, is part of what the company calls its "Agile BI" initiative, announced in November.

PDI deploys BI faster than many commercial tools, Joe Nicholson, vice president of product marketing, Pentaho, tells 5 Minute Briefing. That's because the platform "includes the world's first integrated ETL, modeling and data visualization development environment that enables developers and end users to work side by side to design and visualize BI applications in real-time," he says. "This breaks the classic roadblock of end users having to wait weeks or longer to see actual BI application results - only to find that the applications does not address their needs or that their needs have changed." In addition, PDI can be downloaded and activated in a matter of minutes, with no license costs, Nicholson adds.

Pentaho designed PDI and Agile BI to collapse all of the steps from data integration and data modeling through end user visualization into a single project. Pentaho is targeting both enterprises and independent software vendors with its development platform, Nicholson adds. "We see both categories as primary end users of Pentaho Data Integration," he says. "Currently, our technology is used across a wide range of OEM applications to embed data integration capabilities in other applications. PDI is also used by enterprise developers for data integration
across a wide range of vertical industries and applications by small and medium sized companies as well as Global 1000 enterprises."

PDI 4.0 is also part of the Pentaho BI Suite, bringing its data integration capabilities to Pentaho's modeling, reporting, analytics and data mining tools. The technology is available as open source as well as through a premium Enterprise Edition. "The Enterprise Edition includes our open source stack as well as commercial support and premium functionality for analytics and enterprise deployments included enhanced security, and team development," Nicholson says.

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