Pentaho Expands SaaS-Ready Product Portfolio with Business User Analytics

Pentaho Corporation, a commercial open source business intelligence and data integration software vendor, has announced the acquisition of technology assets from LucidEra, a pioneer in software-as-a-service (SaaS) business intelligence. The new technology will be packaged as "Pentaho Analyzer Enterprise Edition" and extends Pentaho's capabilities to enable business users to intuitively analyze information, adding another SaaS-ready product to Pentaho's BI portfolio.

The acquired technology, developed originally by LucidEra and known as "Clearview," provides intuitive, web-based interactive analytical reporting and analysis to let non-technical business users quickly understand business information. It will be delivered as the front-end interface of the Pentaho Analysis product line for on-premises and cloud-based deployment, and via Pentaho partners who deliver SaaS applications.

Like Pentaho's other products, Clearview was designed to support SaaS delivery of robust and secure business intelligence in multi-tenant implementations typical of SaaS providers. According to Pentaho, Clearview's SaaS heritage also makes it unusual for the BI space because it was designed with a strict requirement to make business users successful with BI, without the formal training or the assistance from developers or IT staff traditionally required with both open- and closed-source BI tools.

"The economic challenges of the last year have only accelerated market adoption of Pentaho's proven commercial open source BI suite," states Richard Daley, CEO of Pentaho. "We have executed well and that has enabled us to make strategic investments that expand our market opportunity."

A free web seminar providing a brief product overview, in-depth demonstration, and interactive Q&A will be held on Thursday, October 15 at 2pm eastern U.S. time. Register here.