Pentaho Labs Integrates with MQTT

Pentaho, a Hitachi Group Company, has announced that Pentaho Labs has created an integration with MQTT, a machine-to-machine (M2M) IoT transport protocol, to act as the connecting link between physical devices and the data integration process.

MQTT, or MQ Telemetry Transport, is a simple and lightweight publish/subscribe messaging protocol, created by IBM in 1999 and used today in a variety of IoT environments, including smart homes, manufacturing, and energy.

Through this MQTT integration, the Pentaho Labs team continues its history of leveraging new innovation to provide early insights into how emerging technologies might integrate with Pentaho. 

Pentaho Labs incubates the integration with these early big data and IOT technologies to provide an opportunity for users to informally test out new ideas as soon as possible.

“There is a growing demand to more easily and quickly, ingest, interact, blend, and react with incoming streams of IoT data. The ability to combine IoT data with data from business systems, or other data sources, is a unique capability which makes data integration a critical competency for IoT initiatives, while reducing unforeseen challenges for these early adopters,” said Ken Wood, VP of Pentaho Labs at Pentaho. “MQTT presents a unique opportunity for Pentaho to advance big data architectures, integrate with complex data, and incorporate modern analytics to capitalize on the promise of IoT.”

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